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“El Az” Blue Corn Enchiladas – We’re pretty close!

Mark loves the “El Az” Blue Corn Enchiladas from a restaurant he used to visit often.¬† He offered to try to recreate them at home today, and they were fabulous!

Our own "El Az" Blue Corn Enchilada Dinner

Our own “El Az” Blue Corn Enchilada Dinner

There are many components to the perfect “El Az” Blue Corn Enchilada Meal:

  1. The Blue Corn Tortillas
  2. The enchilada filling, which Mark was pretty sure contained cottage cheese
  3. The cheese topping  in place of enchilada sauce, about which I got a little confused when I went grocery shopping
  4. The refried beans on the side
  5. The rice on the side

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April 13, 2014 · 7:45 pm