Chive Scalloped Potatoes, Hearty Oat-Wheat Bread

The bread was, as always, awesome!oatmeal wheat bread
The potatoes turned out very well. There aren’t any leftovers because we are to the very end of last year’s potato crop. They are small, and difficult to peel.

the last of the potatoes

the last of the potatoes

It takes LONG to get the needed amount of potatoes. So, I didn’t make quite as much as usual. The extra sauce in comparison to the potatoes was lovely.  Just a basic sauce (no cheese) with dry mustard and chives to give it a kick.
With the last of our potatoes, we used the first of this year’s chives. Dinner went over well!Scalloped Potatoes
The green beans were tasty, the applesauce delish.  scalloped potatoes, green beans, oat wheat bread, and applesauceI had a piece of that tasty bread toasted for dessert.  The bread disappears so quickly, and is stupendous toasted.  So have to hurry and eat my “leftovers” toasted right after dinner.Oatmeal Wheat Toast!



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