Grilled chicken and barbecue potatoes

Last night, we grilled some chicken for dinner. Mark said “it tastes like chicken”, which means he didn’t like it. Sean enjoyed it; I liked it well enough.  broccoli and chickenWe tend to stick with chicken dishes that have overpowering other flavors (sauces, veggies, etc.), because Mark doesn’t like the flavor of chicken itself. I marinated the chicken in Italian dressing before grilling, but the flavor wasn’t strong enough for most of the chicken. Maybe I should cut the chicken in smaller pieces before marinating and grilling next time.

I though Sean would love these roasted potatoes with BBQ sauce. We had 2 bottles of open BBQ sauce in the fridge, so I knew we had plenty. Sadly, they were both almost empty. So we didn’t get the full effect of the flavor. They were ok. Sean and Mark both liked them as well as other potatoes. I thought them pretty oily, and just ok.spinach and chicken

Sean and I ate broccoli; Mark had cooked spinach (from last year’s garden).
We also had applesauce
It was a nice, pretty healthy, dinner.


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