Easter Dinner

Happy Easter!

Our extended family celebrated together last week, so we planned a “small” feast at home.  The temperature outside today was just about as perfect as it can ever be, and the sun shone!  Steak on the grill (by Mark), it was!

An Easter Feast

An Easter Feast: Steak, rice pilaf, oatmeal bread, applesauce, steamed broccoli, salad, and homemade “Vintage Lemonade”

We made the lemonade using this recipe for Vintage Lemonade we found on AllRecipes.  First, the lemon peels are “marinated” in sugar, to pull the oils out…

soaking lemon peels in sugar
Then, without stirring, boiling water is added. Apparently, stirring the peels pulls the bitterness out of the rind.
Making the Vintage Lemonade
Then, the lemon-peel water is added to the juice from the lemons, and a bold lemonade is born.

I fixed a recipe of my new favorite Rice Pilaf, adding mushrooms, this time, and replacing cayenne with garlic.  It was sooo good! Next time, I may try it without the saffron, for a change.rice pilaf
We steamed some fresh broccoliFresh Broccoli
Fixed a green salad with carrots.
And Pickled Eggs!

pickled egg

Pickled Egg

inside the pickled egg

The lovely colors inside the pickled eggs- I think that’s why I learned to like them as a toddler.

Actually, I am the only pickled egg eater in our house. I only fixed 1/2 dozen this year, but it was still too many.
We ate homemade oatmeal bread and applesauce, as well.

Mark baked our Lemon Chiffon Cake for dessert. It was tasty, but Mark wasn’t impressed.
lemon chiffon cakeLemon Chiffon Cake a la Easter
We also had ice cream. Easter Ice Cream

Sean’s favorite part of dinner was the steak. Mark’s favorite was lemonade. My favorite was the rice pilaf!


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