Early Easter Dinner

We celebrated an early Easter dinner with family from out of town last week.

We fixed a stuffed Pork Loin from the Homemade Winter Cookbook (Yvette van Boven), baked some dinner rolls, and took mashed potatoes and a green salad.  In addition, we ate fruit salad, green beans, and angel food cake.  A delicious family feast!Early Easter Dinner

This is our second attempt with stuffed pork.  We tried to make it with a pork belly at Christmas, but the butcher shop didn’t order us what we had asked for… the flavor ended up being outstanding, but there was not much meat.  For this family dinner, we asked the butcher to butterfly a pork loin for us, and filled that, instead.  I chopped up the pine nuts and herbs for the stuffing in the food processor.  It smelled and looked divine, but I didn’t take a picture.  Then, I rolled it up and tied it.  Something about tying up a roast is fascinating.  Since I had plenty of time, it was fun! stuffed pork roast, rolled and tiedWe baked it for just over 4 hours total, starting at a higher temp and dropping it to 300 for most of the cooking time.  The result: YUM!

We used the bread machine to mix two batches of dough for dinner rolls.  They turned out beautifully, too!  (I froze one dozen to use next week as buns for sliders.)

Dozens of Delicious Dinner Rolls

Dozens of Delicious Dinner Rolls

I took our colored eggs, but we used only one for a salad topping.  I’ll post about the colored eggs someday- this was our first attempt to color eggs using dyes from food.  They were cute.


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