Thai Chicken Curry

A friend posted about making this curry few rainy days ago.  It sounded like an adventure, so we gave it a try on a rainy evening this week.Thai chicken curry ingredients

Because I try to avoid the “3 Cs” which give someone in our house migraines (cilantro, coriander, and cardamom, in order of increasing hostility), creating a curry powder was bit tricky.  I decided to use the coriander this time- no one felt too bad with just that.  I ground up some cumin seed and mustard seed in my handy dandy mortar.  That was more exercise than I expected!  Then added some red pepper flakes, turmeric, and (in place of cardamom) sage with a bit of lemon peel.  I have used the sage/lemon peel substitution often to good effect.

I used 3TBSP curry powder and 1 cup chicken broth in place of the curry paste in the recipe, because that’s what my friend did.  Other than that and using chicken breast instead of thighs, I followed the recipe pretty closely.

We served this with brown rice.

The curry smelled very good bubbling on the stove.  Thai chicken curry- vegetables simmeringThe coconut milk added an exotic touch to the smell that made us all excited to try dinner.Thai Chicken Curry on the table

The bottom line, though, was that this was fine.  Ok, but pretty bland.  Adding a little salt helped, but it was just not great.  We’ll keep our eyes open for another curry recipe.  Not being able to use “real” curry powder will definitely be against us in our curry-search.



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