Split Pea Soup in the Pressure Cooker

I’ve now made split pea soup twice.  I have also eaten it twice.

My first attempt was a “Smoky Dutch” version, and it was very good, but had allspice and other spices I associate with sweets in it.  The boys didn’t like it, and I thought a little went a long way.

But years have passed, and I saw this recipe for split pea soup which contains only ingredients that we all like.  It also looked fairly healthy.split pea soup to the table

We had intended to make a loaf of bread for dinner, as well.  But it’s a beautiful day!  And we had things to plant, people to see, and places to go.  Rather than eating at 5, I was just beginning looking over the recipe.  Good thing it’s a pressure cooker recipe!

frozen broth into the pressure cooker- took a little longer to get up to pressure, but worked great!

frozen broth into the pressure cooker- took a little longer to get up to pressure, but worked great!

The recipe doesn’t call for nearly enough liquid.  I should have added more when I started pressure cooking the peas, but I thought the recipe must be right.  After 15 minutes, many of the peas were still crunchy.  We were hungry, so I threw in the rest of the ingredients, added 4 more cups of water, and went back to pressure cooking for 8 minutes more.  I didn’t even check to see if everything was cooked at that point.  We were going to eat it, ready or not!

I got to use my immersion blender!  Fun!  And it works so well.split pea soup

While the peas were cooking (the first time), I threw together a batch of my friend Katy’s super easy bread sticks… the dough is really a biscuit like dough.  We all like these and, again, they are fairly healthy.  Hooray.Quick and Easy Breadsticks

Results?  All of the vegetables in the soup were cooked after the last bout of pressure cooking.  Mark really liked the soup.  Brenda and Sean both thought that it was just fine.   Even with the cooking problems, we were finished eating before 7:30- not bad.  Given how quickly it could come together (now that I know we need a lot more liquid in this one), this is a keeper.



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