Rachael Ray’s Chipotle Mac & Cheese

It looks like vomit. I had forgotten that, but Mark reminded me when I started chopping the chipotles.Chipotle Mac and Cheese
This didn’t get rave reviews in our family the first 2 times I made it, but years have passed, and we had some chipotles to use up. After all, the chipotle chicken stew went over well.

I LOVE the smell of chipotles. This dish has a great combination of flavors, including onion and smoked cheddar. I’d remembered from before that the sauce doesn’t really thicken up, and the recipe calls for serving it immediately. Happily, we had plenty of time to pop it in the oven to bake up a bit. That’s my favorite way to eat mac & cheese, anyway.  Baking did the trick!

I may have used extra chipotles.  This was smokin’ hot!  We all liked it, in spite of the heat.  Sean gave it his “It’s Like Hamburger Helper” Seal of approval- it doesn’t get much better than that.

Mark ate some spinach – frozen just for him in single serving packages last fall 🙂  Spinach for MarkSean and I love fresh spinach, but plain cooked spinach leads us back to the first sentence of this post!  Sean and I ate broccoli, instead.

An another note, MyFitnessPal says Rachael Ray is bad for my waistline!

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