Baked Beans and Cake

The grill is on! We grilled up some hot dogs, and slow-cooked a batch of awesome baked beans all day long.

The grill is back!

The grill is back!


The Beans from Simply Recipes put our homegrown Stallard beans to good use. I even had all the ingredients! Of course, I had to use the quick soak method on the beans. I didn’t plan ahead.  Quick soak is our standard method for soaking dry beans.  Just boil the beans for 2 minutes, remove from heat, cover and soak for 2 hours.quick soaking Stallard beans for baked beans

I used our stone baking dish, which came with our masonry heat fireplace, but we cooked in the oven today.  Here are the first 3 layers:  ham, beans, onion.  first layers of awesome baked beansAfter adding the rest of the beans and ham and covering with the liquid, we popped it in the oven.

The beans are also supposed to cook for 8 hours at 250, but I didn’t have quite 8 hours. So I baked at 300 for about 4 hours, then lowered the temp to 250 until we were ready to eat.Awesome Baked Beans
Mark won our family college basketball championship bracket, so his prize was “dessert of his choice”. He chose Texas Sheet Cake, a favorite from my childhood. Texas Sheet CakeSean doesn’t love the cinnamon in this, but I think it’s a sad cake without it.
Besides, Sean won our 2nd chance final 4 bracket (since all of our brackets were already lost), so he won a bag of Doritos.


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