Cinnamon Rolls and Bacon

Laurie over at My Foray into Food Storage shared this recipe for awesome cinnamon rolls. And I put them on the menu 🙂
Sean determined that bacon goes better than sausage with cinnamon rolls, so that’s what we ate.Bacon and Cinnamon Roll dinner

Sean said the cinnamon rolls were the most delicious in the world.  And he’s pretty sure that everyone else in the world was jealous of our dinner Saturday night.

This recipe mixed up so easily in the stand mixer.  The dough is very sticky (resulting in a soft roll), so I was worried that it would be difficult to work with.  Happily, the dough rolled out very nicely.  I substituted butter for the Crisco, just to see what would happen.  Here it is with butter, cinnamon, and brown and white sugar, ready to roll up.cinnamon rolls- ready to roll

Next time, I will add more cinnamon, as I went too lightly on it this time.

Laurie’s suggestion to use dental floss to cut the rolls is brilliant! Much better than carefully cutting with a serrated knife. cinnamon rolls ready to rise

I needed to prepare the rolls in the early afternoon, not cooking them until evening.  I covered the pan and allowed the rolls to rise in the fridge for several hours.  I put them on the counter while the oven preheated, and that worked perfectly.baking cinnamon rolls

The frosting was nice, but next time I will make half with no frosting at all.  The rolls themselves are so nice and flavorful; I think I would prefer them without frosting.  (Other plans:  make them with pecan caramel topping.  make them with light powdered sugar glaze.)frosted cinnamon rolls

The cinnamon rolls were so tender and soft… love this recipe! They still had a great texture the next day.
Thumbs up all around.



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2 responses to “Cinnamon Rolls and Bacon

  1. Your rolls look beautiful! I’m so glad you and your family enjoyed them. 🙂

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