Crockpot Chicken and Rice

I’ve been trying to find more ways to incorporate brown rice into our meals, so when I saw this crock-pot recipe,on Stephanie O’Dea’s slow-cooking blog,  I was excited to try it.  Chicken and Brown RiceWhat could be better than brown rice and a crockpot?!

I chopped the onions as small as possible so that they would disappear during cooking, so that no one could try to pick them out at the dinner table.  I chopped the mushrooms as large as possible so that they could easily be picked out by one or two people at the dinner table.  I would prefer to chop the mushrooms in small pieces, but this is a small price to pay to get everyone to eat the same meal.20140331_100837

The cream-of-soup base in this recipe doesn’t use oil or butter, was very quick and easy to put together, and will not give anyone in my family a migraine.  Hooray!  I’m planning to use this as a replacement for cream-of-soup in so many recipes.  All of the seasonings in this recipe were stirred into the dry rice, first.  I would just add them (or others, as appropriate) to the creamy mix before using.  And I’ll need to increase the seasonings quite a bit.


The chicken was frozen when I put it in the crockpot, so I cooked a couple of hours on high, then dropped it to low for the remaining six hours.20140331_101845It ended up being overcooked, but now I know.

The chicken itself was nice.  The rice, cooked too long, was a bit glommy, and incredibly bland.  The post I got the recipe from said salt was needed, so I added 1/2tsp.  I’d say double the salt, and probably the other seasonings, too.  Maybe add some garlic.

The IDEA of this meal is great, and it shows promise.  The guys added BBQ sauce to their dishes, and they said that made it a little better.

Again, this didn’t have a bad taste; it just didn’t have much taste at all.

On the plus side, this was fun and easy to put together.  I did have to plan ahead to cook the cream-of-soup base, but it wasn’t difficult; just took a few extra minutes.


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