Whole Wheat Pasta. yippee…. wait… YIPPEE!

Mark asked me to put rotini pasta on the menu, and he would cook.  I’m not exactly sure why I did it, but I bought whole wheat rotini at the grocery store.  100% Whole Grain PastaNone of us really likes whole wheat pasta.  Rather, we have an active dislike of whole wheat past.  But it is so much healthier.  And that’s what we had for dinner tonight. (yippee.)

I adjusted the tomato sauce early in the day.  I used citric acid instead of lemon juice when I canned our tomatoes last year, and it has been incredibly difficult to adjust the acidity.  Today, I used 1/8 tsp baking soda in 2 pints of sauce, then added about 1 tsp of brown sugar.  That seemed ok.  I suspect that our varieties of tomatoes are more acidic than many to begin with, but we don’t have a way to test each jar before processing in the water bath, so I always add the lemon juice (or citric acid) to be safe.  We really need to look into pH meters for kitchen use.

Anyway, Mark used basil, and who knows what else, in the sauce.  He sprinkled some pepperjack on the top before baking.Whole Wheat Pasta with Pepper Jack Cheese

And, guess what!  The pasta was very good!  Not just the sauce (yum), but the pasta itself!  I don’t know if companies are making whole wheat pasta differently than a few years ago, or if I just grabbed a good brand.  We used Ronzoni 100% whole grain wheat pasta.  We will eat this again.  I’m so surprised and pleased that we’ve found some whole grain pasta that isn’t bitter and yucky.  YIPPEE!Delicious Whole Wheat Pasta Dinner

With my expectations about the whole wheat pasta set so low, I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to reward us all for being so healthy.  (YIPPEE!)   Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal CookiesWe use 3 cups of oats with 1-1/2 cups white flour, so quite a bit of whole grain.  What a healthy cookie 🙂  They are soft, chewy, and delicious, too.

Bottom line- we liked dinner; we liked dessert; we ate a lot of whole grains.  What a surprisingly good meal 🙂


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