Judy’s Bacon, or something like that

A friend shared this recipe with me, calling it a casserole.  Knowing that a casserole would not be eaten in our home (which is really too bad, because I love a good casserole!), I quickly renamed it “Djanedi’s Texas Bake”, and put it on the menu.  I was hesitant to tell “what’s for dinner”, because I was afraid it would be recognized as a casserole, and then it would have no hope.  So I mumbled, and Sean thought we were having something called Judy’s Bacon.  Clearly, with no bacon in sight or smell, Sean was disappointed, but he ate it, anyway.

The result?  Each of the guys ate seconds.  I liked it, too.Djanedi's Texas Bake

This is similar to a goulash without peppers; a good comfort food.  Mark was reminded of his childhood favorite, “Noodle Kugel”. [Note to self: put Noodle Kugel on the menu.]  Sean did notice that there was “stuff” in the noodle layer, so I think he suspected it was a casserole, but he ate it, anyway.

Here’s the recipe:

“ms. tex casserole” – a favorite for our family reunions: two pounds of ground beef, cooked…add a can (or two) of rotel or diced tomatoes (if you want it bland). You can also add mushrooms if you want. Boil a bag of egg noodles, after you drain mix 8oz of sour cream and and a block of fat free cream cheese into the noodles. once mixed, spread in 9×13 pan, put meat mixture on top, then sprinkle shredded cheese, put in oven til cheese melts. Not a dish for the lactose intolerant, but it feeds a group well. =)

For just the 3 of us, I made a 1/2 recipe.

First, I cooked half a package of egg noodles (about 8 oz.), drained, and mixed with about 1/2 cup sour cream and 4 oz Neufchatel cheese.  I layered the noodles in a 9″ pan.Noodles

We don’t have rotel, but we do have lots of diced tomatoes canned from last year’s garden.  So, while browning one pound of hamburger, I added a chopped onion and 3 chopped jalapenos (from the freezer).   I added salt, garlic powder, and a pinch of cumin to one pint of tomatoes (which I drained a bit). beef and "rotel"

This smelled great!

We had pepper jack cheese to top the casserole before baking.

We’ll definitely make this again, but I will add more seasonings.

Thanks, Djanedi 🙂


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