Improv with Pintos

I had pulled some pinto beans out of the freezer for yesterday’s dinner.  But then we had jelly beans for dinner, and the pintos were still in the fridge.  We were going to make pinto/cheese quesadillas, but the guys ate tortillas for lunch.

After a quick search on, I was inspired by this recipe.

I browned some bacon with onion, then added a couple of chopped jalapenos (from the freezer) and a lot of garlic.  After that had sauteed for a little while, I drained most of the liquid from a jar of our diced tomatoes and added the tomatoes.  I simmered all of this for about an hour with the pintos while the cornbread cooked.Improv Pintos

This is the best cornbread ever.  CornbreadThe cornmeal in it is ground from corn we grew last summer.  The flavor is outstanding!  Even the smell is “cornier”.

Mark and I agree the beans were much better than Pinto Quesadillas.

Sean hasn’t tried them, yet, but I think he will approve because they have bacon in them.


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