“Pork (Sh)chops and Apple (Sh)sau(sh)ce”

We missed Peter Brady at dinner last night.

The pork chops were still pretty frozen by late afternoon.  That happens when they are still in the freezer until late afternoon.  I managed to thaw them enough to put in the electric skillet for a while, and they cooked up nicely.  They were much thicker than I prefer, but that’s what I found at the store last week.  pork chopSean loved them. He ate one at dinner and one for dessert.

The applesauce, homemade from local apples, was excellent, as always.

We cooked up some frozen peas, and had a pretty salad.  The peas were good.  peasThe salad was pretty- just a bad time of year for mixed greens.pretty salad

The best part of dinner was Rice Pilaf.  This was my first attempt to re-make my Mom’s rice pilaf- which is delicious, but very high in fat and highly processed ingredients.  Mom’s pilaf is so easy to make- dump rice, a stick of butter, can of beef broth, can of French onion soup, small can of mushrooms, and some slivered almonds into a pan and bake.  Fluff and stir before serving.  Mmmm! mmm!

The recipe we tried last night was definitely healthier, used only “real” food, and cooked up well.

This rice pilaf recipe let me use some of the saffron, a gift from my Aunt.

This rice pilaf recipe let me use some of the saffron, a gift from my Aunt.

We will definitely be making this again and again.  The recipe calls for cayenne pepper, which was nice but added an unexpected kick- not exactly what I’m looking for in rice pilaf.  I would make it with cayenne again, but to go with a spicier meal.  Instead, I’ll try it with garlic.  I’ve gotten approval from the guys to add sliced mushrooms and almonds next time, too.  They’ve agreed to pick out the mushrooms if they don’t want to eat them.  Yeah!

great results!  perfectly cooked rice pilaf

great results! perfectly cooked rice pilaf

Mark and I ate lots of rice, and agreed that it was, indeed, the best part of dinner.  Sean said it tasted like “every other rice we always have.”  So strange, since we usually cook rice on the stovetop in salted water, no other flavors added.  Just for the record, Sean is wrong, and this rice is sooo good!


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