Italian Chicken Soup and French Bread

Today, I fixed my favorite soup recipe of all time: Italian Chicken Soup.

I’ve only fixed it twice in the past 7 years, because my family doesn’t like it; I thought it was time for everyone to try it again.

The recipe calls for chicken bouillon cubes; Mark doesn’t like the flavor bouillon cubes give, and I thought we should try to substitute a mixture of herbs and spices as an even healthier option.

I found a recipe for bouillon substitute using nutritional yeast as the base, but with comments that indicated people had mixed the herbs without the yeast with good results.  So that’s what I did, too.  The bouillon substitute smelled pretty good as I mixed it up this morning.  Sadly, the longer it cooked, the less pleasant the soup smelled.  When Sean got home, he asked if he smelled Golumpki Stew.  That was a very bad sign, as he hates Golumpki Stew.

disappointing soup

disappointing soup

It looked nice.  Mark ate it.  Sean and I tried hard to eat it.  The results were extremely salty, and not delicious.  Someone-I-won’t-name even asked for forgiveness for the soup when we prayed before dinner.  I’ll have to try something else as a bouillon substitute another time.

On the bright side…

lovely loaf

lovely loaf

The French Bread was awesome!  Our fall-to recipe, mixed in the bread machine and baked in the oven, turned out perfectly.



On the other bright side, just yesterday on My Foray Into Food Storage I read about a great way to use up the leftover chex cereal I had in the pantry:

leftover cereal yields dessert

leftover cereal yields dessert

The cereal was leftover from making Chex Mix at Christmas, and no one here wanted to eat it.  We had enough cereal to make 3/4 of a recipe of Chex Krispie Treats … That meant we needed 15 oz marshmallows, and we had 16 oz!  After I ate one ounce of marshmallows we had just the right amount.

Mark’s opinion?  “Much Better Than Chex Mix.”

Sean liked these, too.  And so do I.

The soup was bad, the bread was perfect, and dessert was just as it should be!


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