Chili and Hearty Bread

Saturday night, cold again, we fixed chili and the Oatmeal Wheat bread that’s quickly becoming a family favorite.

The chili turned out well- we used a mix of dry beans from last year’s garden.


All the tomatoes (juice, sauce, and diced) were from our garden, too.  I ended up using 3Tbsp of the Carroll Shelby seasoning mix (all spices, no preservatives, sugar, etc.) instead of 2 because the chili was bland.  I’m pretty sure it’s because I used a little baking soda (a pinch per jar) to cut the acid a little.

Mark chose the oatmeal wheat bread from the list of breads I rattled off.Oatmeal Wheat Bread It’s so hearty and filling.  I ate a piece toasted at dinner.  It’s delicious toasted, but the leftovers disappear quickly.

Mark and I liked the chili, and bread.  Sean didn’t eat at home that night, but he did eat a big bowl of leftovers for lunch, so that’s a good sign.



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2 responses to “Chili and Hearty Bread

  1. Mmm chilli! Looks delicious!

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