Pi Day!

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie

One of our favorite days of the year.  Pi Day (3/14, 3.14, ha ha!) means Pie for dinner!  Sometimes I am caught by surprise, but I was well aware of the date when planning this week’s menus.  I found frozen tart cherries, grown nearby, in our grocery store last week.  Before my first meeting of the day, I was organized enough to get the pie crust made.  After the last meeting of the day,  I put the Pie together (using tapioca as the thickener, just like Grandma taught me).

Lattice top- the only way to make a cherry pie.  Well- the way they taste the best.

Lattice top- the only way to make a cherry pie. Well- the best-tasting way

Mark and I shared the Rollie made from the leftover crust.  In this critical step, we determine whether the pie crust is good or not.

The Rollie- best part of the pie

The Rollie- best part of the pie

It was great today!  Each time I make pie crust, I’m 8 years old in my Grandma’s kitchen at the lake, listening to her instructions.  When I’m too busy to listen, the crust doesn’t turn out as well; I listened today.

I was good with Pie, but somehow feel like a bad parent when Sean asks what’s for dinner, and I answer “Pie!”  So, although Pie was the main thing, we started with a bowl of chicken and rice soup.

Prequel to Cherry Pie- chicken soup

Prequel to Cherry Pie- chicken soup

It turned out very well, also.  Carrots, celery, and brown rice simmered in broth (1/2 homemade from the freezer, 1/2 Swanson’s), with cooked-shredded-chicken, herbs, and tiny bit of salt.  The herbs today were marjoram, oregano, the end of the parsley from last year’s garden, a tad of sage, and some winter savory.  No garlic or onions this time.  This was the first time I’ve used brown rice in soup.  It tasted good, and wasn’t visibly different than white rice, so I could sneak it by a kid.   The first time I made chicken soup (oh, so many years ago), I read that it was nearly impossible to mess up chicken soup.  Happily,  I have found this to be true.

Sean said the soup was good, “just like all the other chicken soup we always have”.  (Just wait til next week!)

Mark liked the soup… he added pepper to his bowl.

I liked the soup.

Everyone loved the pie.


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