A Big Flop

Never have so many fabulous ingredients combined for such a great big flop.
[Note: Sean liked his entire dinner. It was a flop in spite of that.]

Fabulous Ingredient #1:  Beefsteak Rye

The return of Beefsteak Rye!

The return of Beefsteak Rye!

Several months ago, I was unable to find Beefsteak Rye bread at either of our local grocery stores. In a panic, I looked online to find that the company had gone bankrupt, or something like that. Last weekend, I found a brand new coupon for Beefsteak Rye in the paper. I clipped it and carried it with excitement to Meijer. Hooray! It was back on the shelf! I don’t know what happened to the company, but I am thrilled that the bread is back. It’s the best rye bread for sandwich-making, ever.

Fabulous Ingredients #2 and #3: Boar’s Head Corned Beef and Swiss Cheese
The nearest store which carries Boar’s Head brand meat and cheese is 30 minutes away. Totally worth the drive! The Swiss was so mild and delicious, the corned beef so tender and tasty. Every other brand of deli corned beef that I’ve tried has a nasty fish-scale-sheen; that’s just gross.

Fabulous Ingredient #4: Our Very Own Sauerkraut
Fermented on our very own kitchen counter, canned at home. We were a bit leery of making our first batch a couple of year’s ago, but it turned out to be simple and almost fun (albeit smelly). The half-pints we canned the sauerkraut in are the perfect size for our use. We wouldn’t use up more than this at any one time.


Fabulous Ingredient #5: Home Grown Potatoes
We love French fries, and pretty much perfected the art of baking them last summer. We’ve eaten all the fries I froze last fall, so I brought some potatoes up from the basement to make them fresh. Perfectly cut with our handy french-fry-cutter, rested with a tablespoon of sugar, and dried with a towel… I decided to take a shortcut. Rather than mixing the oil and salt with the potatoes in a separate bowl, I mixed it all in the baking pan. That resulted in far too much oil in the pan, so the potatoes were a greasy mess.
Bake fries

And One Fine Ingredient: Thousand Island Dressing
Just the smallest bottle I could find at the store. We don’t have strong opinions about Thousand Island.

With Reubens, I tailor each sandwich to the eater’s preference.  Sean gets Thousand Island, no sauerkraut.  Mark gets sauerkraut and minimal dressing.  Brenda gets it all.  I have this awesome pan to grill sandwiches in.  (It’s also perfect for cookong bacon, baking, and “pan roasting” on the stovetop.  I love this pan.)  When cheese is involved, I start the grilling on low and cover the pan.  Once the cheese has begun to melt, I remove the lid and turn up the heat  => melted cheese without a burnt sandwich.

My favorite skillet

My favorite skillet

Tonight, I sampled every ingredient as I assembled the sandwiches.

  • The bread- yum!
  • The Boar’s Head Swiss- yum yum!
  • Corned Beef- Yum!
  • Sauerkraut- whew! and yum!

So good.  The result, for some reason, was not as good as the parts; it was fine, but that’s all.

Reuben and fries

Reuben and fries

As I mentioned, Sean LOVED the Reuben and greasy fries.  He even made a second sandwich (sans cheese, because we ran out).

Mark told me he doesn’t really like Reubens.  (news to me).  He likes sauerkraut, mild Swiss, and rye bread.  He doesn’t like corned beef, which “looks like ham but doesn’t taste like it”.

So, dinner was 2/3 a flop, which is pretty floppy.

Maybe tomorrow…


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