Tuesday’s Chicken

We had “Mexican” food Monday night; good thing we like it, because that’s what we ate Tuesday night, too.

Chicken Enchiladas usually go over well.  Sean always mentions that he would like beef better, but he also gave me a list of foods he wants to eat to build muscle.  Chicken is high on that list.

We were out of sour cream (still), so I used yogurt (again).  I think it added a little too much sweetness to the filling.  I added a little Chipotle powder to the chicken, along with some green taco sauce, salt, and chicken broth.  The Chipotle flavor was good, but Sean used to dislike it, so I’ve been gradually adding it in greater amounts for a while.

We still have jalapenos that I froze whole last fall, so I chopped one of those, along with some onion.  Rather than sauteing the onion and pepper, I put them in a small dish with a bit of water and stuck them in the microwave for 30 seconds or so.  This softened them up nicely without the extra oil, time, and dishes that sauteing does.  I was pleased with their texture and flavor in the filling.

The enchilada sauce was left from a batch I mixed up a few weeks ago.  My recipe makes enough for 3 meals, so I freeze the extra for another day.

chicken enchiladas

Sean requested steamed carrots, so I steamed some, but also put raw carrots on the table for Mark.  We finished up the container of spinach in a side salad… it’s really not a good time of year for spinach, but it sounded so good when I put it on the shopping list.  (Note to self:  wait until our own spinach starts to grow.)  At least it helped us avoid a monochromatic meal.

Sean and Mark thought the enchiladas were good.  I liked them, but wished the filling were not quite so sweet.  Fine night for dinner at our house.


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