Dinner Out With Dessert- Take 2!

We were invited to a friends how for dinner last night, and I offered to bring dessert.  AGAIN!

That’s two nights in a row we got to enjoy good food with friends, and we just had to show up 🙂

I was inspired to try to recreate Grandma’s peanut butter sandwich cookies with chocolate filling.  She didn’t make these for a very long period of time, but while she did, we loved them!  Sadly, I waited too long to ask for the recipe.  Happily, I like to bake.

I didn’t find any recipes online that struck my fancy, so I struck out on my own.  I knew that the key would be to have a very soft cookie, and that’s where I began.

The Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook (Aka the Red and White Checked Cookbook) has a peanut butter cookie recipe very similar to the one we usually bake.  I substituted Crisco for half the butter, and replaced half of the white sugar with brown sugar (resulting in 25% granulated sugar, 75% brown sugar).  I didn’t want to end up with a crumbly mess (although I had a backup plan to make a dessert with a peanut butter cookie crust if that happened), so I stopped making changes there.

I baked 1″ dough balls for 7 minutes, 2″ dough balls for 8-1/2 minutes.  This was perfect in our oven.  The cookies were just cooked through, but still very soft.  And not a crumbly mess!  I can’t believe I got the cookie right on the first try!  I won’t be adjusting the recipe any further.

Matching up cookies by size for excellent sandwiches

Matching up cookies by size for excellent sandwiches

Sorting the cookies into pairs by size- I like it.

Next, for the filling. I didn’t have clear memory for how chocolate-y the filling was, and used a basic frosting recipe from Lauren’s Latest.  I needed to add a lot more milk than the recipe calls for, but it was a nice frosting, otherwise.  The recipe instructed me to sift the cocoa powder over the butter before creaming;

Sifting the cocoa powder onto the butter

Sifting the cocoa powder onto the butter

I’m certain Grandma wouldn’t have take the time to do that, but I did.  Probably a good step.



Once I added extra milk (almost double) to the frosting, filling the cookies was a dream.

Chocolate frosting - always a good idea

Chocolate frosting – always a good idea

beautiful cookies

beautiful cookies

Eating them was also dreamy.

I think I prefer the 1″ cookies over the 2″, just because the filling is so sweet, but I’m not certain, yet.  Much more testing required.

Dreamy Dessert

Dreamy Dessert

Feedback about the filling was positive. It’s a great cookie this way, but I’m contemplating a fudgier filling.


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