Hashbrown “Breakfast” Casserole

Yum! Will, Mark and I all liked dinner tonight. Sean gave it a neutral score. Good night for dinner!

This is a basic hashbrown casserole- I love it as a side dish! I fixed a version of it for a breakfast at church in the fall with ham and spinach, so now I have a “breakfast” version.

This is the first time I’ve made this with fresh hashbrowns. I’ve made it with our own homegrown/shredded/frozen potatoes before, and it turned out great. I should have allowed more time for the potatoes to cook. Since they hadn’t been blanched in preparation for freezing, they were still a tiny bit crunchy when we ate. The flavors were good. The spinach was from the freezer, from last year’s garden.  The ham was from the freezer, too, so we had most of the ingredients on hand.  I forgot about the sour cream; we didn’t have enough, but I filled in with plain yogurt.  No worries!
My favorite part of making this is stirring up the butter with the cornflake crumbs. The texture and feel of the mixture delights me, and I could just eat the whole bowl of topping. But I don’t.

Hashbrown casserole

Hashbrown casserole

I made another loaf of the Oatmeal Wheat bread that I had to cook twice a few weeks ago.  It turned out well- cooked for 35 minutes.  I’m looking forward to eating some of the leftovers as toast.  I followed the recipe, making the adjustments the recipe’s submitter left in the comments at Allrecipes…. not sure why Allrecipes wouldn’t allow the recipe itself to be corrected.  At any rate- processing the oats and making only 1 loaf instead of two are important steps.

Homemade applesauce on the plate.  Dinner was good.

I didn’t plan a “Fat Tuesday Feast”, but Mark is baking brownies, and we picked up some other fattening desserts at the store.  We’ll be good and sick from all the sweets!


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