Golumpki Stew

Sean does not like this!

Mark loves this!

Brenda thinks this is ok.

Here’s where we got the recipe:  http://neohomesteading.com/golumpki-dumpling-soup/

The idea is that golumpki soup is much less time-consuming than regular golumpki dumplings (cabbage rolls).  By the time I’ve roasted garlic and mixed up a lot of spicy tomato soup (links in the neohomesteading recipe), I have to start cooking a day ahead. So, although Mark loves this, it’s not a quick meal for me to make.

Hamburger mixed with rice, roasted garlic, and seasonings, formed into large dumplings, baked in a little spicy tomato soup, then dropped into a cabbage soup with more spicy tomato soup.

Golumpki dumplings  (meat, garlic, and rice) in spicy tomato soup with cabbage

Golumpki dumplings (meat, garlic, and rice) in spicy tomato soup with cabbage

I did a pretty good job counteracting the acidity of our canned tomatoes.  Overall, it turned out well.

When Sean smelled the soup cooking on Saturday, he looked like he wanted to cry because he knew what was coming.  I cooked several dumplings in a separate pan, without any tomato soup, and he liked that better; but he still doesn’t like it.

We tried a new recipe for wheat bread, this one with ground oatmeal in it.  It’s a dense, heavy bread, and we all loved it!  Even better toasted the next day.  I’m not sure what happened the first time I cooked it, but it didn’t come close to being cooked through.  I didn’t realize it until I turned the bread out, noticed the doughy bottom, and watched it deflate.  I popped it back into the pan, back into the oven, and it cooked just fine.  It even re-inflated most of the way.  We’ll definitely be making this one again.  Not 100% whole grain, but 60%, and that’s not bad for us.

Awesome wheat bread with ground oats

Awesome wheat bread with ground oats



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3 responses to “Golumpki Stew

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  2. Bonnie Wantuck

    that looks mad good my mother gave me half a cabbage and I’m gonna give this a try tomorrow in crockpot

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