Once each year, Mark makes boscaiola for us- it’s awesome!

Our attempt to recreate my favorite meal at Pino’s il Sonetto in Terre Haute, IN:  Bacon, black olives, mushrooms, Spanish onion, garlic, Parmesan, and cream combined for a splendiferous pasta sauce.

We all love boscaiola.  Sean picks out the mushrooms, onions, and olives, but he loves it, all the same.











We also had homemade semolina bread.  It takes all day to make- not a lot of active time, but 6 hours total of rising.  For some reason, today’s bread was too flat and a little heavy.  The dough seemed to be fine along each step of the way, so I’m not sure what happened.  Flavor-wise, it was still delicious, and no one complained.

For dessert, we made our first attempt to recreate the Baked Fudge with Cinnamon Ice Cream which was served under the original ownership of the Sycamore Farm Bed and Breakfast.  Sadly, the business has changed owners and closed; the dessert is no longer available.  We used a “Fudge Pie” recipe, baking it in a small rectangular pan.  I’m not sure if I cooked it too long, or if I should adjust the ingredients a bit next time.  The Flavor was spot-on, but the texture was not right.  Too squishy in places, too sticky-crunchy in others.   Cinnamon ice cream is not available in our area, so we sprinkled Penzey’s cinnamon on vanilla ice cream.  Delicious!  What a great topping for ice cream at any time!  Everybody liked this rich dessert, but I will work on texture another time.

Our first attempt at Baked Fudge with Cinnamon Ice Cream

Our first attempt at Baked Fudge with Cinnamon Ice Cream


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