Super Bowl Soup Day

This year’s Super Bowl was a perfect day for Soup.  Snowy and cold, we opted to watch the Super Bowl online rather than traveling to someplace with cable or satellite.  That worked, kind of.

I made Chipotle Chicken Soup, which I’ve made in the past to mixed reviews.  Will liked it, and I liked it.  Sean hated it, and Mark was middling.

Time has passed, and it seemed like the perfect day to try it out, again.

Chunks of chicken, carrots, potatoes (from our Garden), onion (frozen from last year’s Garden), lots of garlic!, chicken broth, and our canned tomatoes (paste and diced).  And, the MVP of the meal, Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce!

Chipotle Chicken Soup

Chipotle Chicken Soup

This time, Sean liked!  He would like even more big chunks of chicken.

Mark gave it a 3 out of 5- he would like no big chunks of chicken.  (Shredded would be ok).

I put a pinch of baking soda in the tomatoes to cut the acid, but I didn’t add enough, or else I should have added sugar.  It was a little too tangy, but not so much that Sean noticed.  It was a bit bland, though- adding salt to my serving improved it greatly.

So, Brenda was disappointed that the soup was a little bland and a little too acidic, but liked it.  Sean liked it.  Mark accepted it.  It’s worth another try.  I could split the soup into two pans right before adding the chicken at the end, putting shredded chicken in one pot and chicken chunks in the other.


We fixed Southern Butter Rolls- touchdown!

Southern Butter Rolls

Southern Butter Rolls

They were delicious, as always.  Mixed in the bread machine, we froze half the dough and cooked up the other half.


By request, we had applesauce spice cake for dessert.  We started making this cake a few years ago when we wanted to use up the last of the homemade applesauce before the new crop came in.  It isn’t a healthy alternative; it uses applesauce as well as butter.  Crisp caramel topping increases the fat, calories, and flavor.

Applesauce Spice Cake

Applesauce Spice Cake

Dessert was good.

Our dinner was better than the big game.


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