Coconut Chicken with Mango Chutney

While waiting for the blueberry muffins to bake last week, I reviewed Alton Brown’s recipe to make sure I’d followed it completely, and noticed a link that said “Central American Recipes”.  Intrigued, I clicked the link to view zero recipes found.  Of course, then I had to Google Central American Recipes, and found loads of yummy recipes (although I question how “Central American” they are).  I sent Mark a fish recipe that may have contributed to his good whitefish last week.  Tonight, we tried another new recipe:  Coconut Chicken with Mango Chutney.


The trickiest part to this meal was getting the chicken tenders thawed in the microwave without starting to cook them.   That done, the recipe was pretty easy.

This was the first time I’ve made a chutney, and I’m so impressed with how it turned out.  Oh, I guess the mango was a bit tricky to cut, but it may have been a bit green.  The jalapeno came from last summer’s Garden via the freezer.  The vinegar aroma was so strong while the chutney cooked down that I was worried the chutney wouldn’t be edible.  But by the time it finished cooking and cooled a little, the vinegar smell wasn’t too prominent.

The recipe says to pulse the coconut a bit in a chopper to make the pieces smaller.  We used homemade breadcrumbs, and they were fairly coarse, so I threw them in the food processor with the coconut.

We rarely fry anything, so my technique is not great.  I think I should have waited a couple minutes longer before putting the chicken in the oil, but it all turned out, in the end.  Nice, crispy-crunchy and good flavor.

Along with the chicken and chutney, we ate more homemade applesauce (of course) and rice.  We pulled a package of mini-broccoli from the freezer- this was from the late cuttings of mini-broccoli (rather than initial harvest).  The flavor seemed to be even better after having been frozen!

Sean and Mark each ate two pieces.  Mark usually doesn’t eat even one whole piece of chicken, so this was a strong endorsement from him.  Sean said he would order it on the menu at a Malaysian restaurant (not sure how strong that endorsement is, but he did say he liked it).  Brenda thought this was excellent; the chutney makes the chicken.  Very good, filling meal. But, it is fried, so definitely not the healthiest of choices.

Here’s the recipe:

And, yes, we are snowed in again.


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