Bangers and …. Hash

We planned on “bangers and mash” for dinner tonight (which was requested, at least our version of it).  In the middle of the night, I had a brilliant thought- maybe we would have bangers and hash …BROWNS, instead!  Suggested it to the guys, who heartily approved.

So, smoked sausage, two jars of home-canned green beans, and home made hashbrowns. 


Last year’s potatoes are still keeping ok in the basement, so we shredded several with the food processor.  Mark squeezed out the liquid (I use the ricer, he can use his hands), and fried them up.  He and I have different hashbrown cooking techniques, resulting in different textures, but it all tastes good.  I think tonight’s potatoes  were Norland reds. 

Oh, I see bread in the picture.  We had homemade bread.   Still snowed in, we’ve run out of milk (but still have coffee, so no worries), and bread.  Happily, we do have yeast and flour, so I made the “best ever bread machine bread” this morning to use for sandwiches.  Sean ate his bangers and hash as a sandwich for dinner, in fact.

Side note:  When the remaining potatoes start to go bad, we’ll cut them into dices, fries, and hash browns, blanch, and freeze.  The frozen hash browns won’t get as crisp,  but they are pretty good, and they are great in casseroles.

Cookies!  Dessert!  Not in the picture, but also made on this snowy and bitterly cold day.  Mark mixed up the chocolate chip cookie recipe, throwing in between 1/2 and 1 cup of oatmeal leftover from breakfast.  The salt from the oatmeal is noticeable in the cookies, but they are delicious.  Sean baked the cookies after Mark mixed them.  He filled the first sheet with LARGE cookies- they cooked up well (eventually), and are a bit more cake-y than the rest of the batch.  I would say that we’ll have cookies for days to come, except they’ll probably be gone tomorrow (another day without school, and too cold to work outside).


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