Pizza and Cake

We remain snowed-in; it must be pizza season.

We had one of our favorites for dinner last night: homemade pizza cooked in our fireplace oven.  Small pizzas, customized toppings, cooked to perfection in the “ovenplace”.


Sean had meatlovers; Mark chose sausage, onion, mushrooms, and peppers (very light sauce); Brenda had meatlovers + peppers, mushrooms, and green olives.

The sauce was almost perfect, this time.  New recipe, but I used a pinch of baking soda, then less sugar, to make the tomatoes less tangy.

The crust is our standby, and very good.  It seemed a little bitter last night; I may try to increase the rye flour and decrease the wheat.  Or not.

Pizza is so filling, but we made dessert, anyway.  Lemon cake from the Italian Dish blog:


And all of this led to someone’s very interesting leftovers-breakfast (yes. that’s bacon with lemon cake):



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