Goulash and Anadama Bread

When Sean asked what was for dinner, I said Homemade Hamburger Helper.  That’s pretty much what we ate.

Because our home canned tomatoes are so acidic this year, I have trouble adding enough sugar to take the bite away without making the dish too sweet.  I tried a new trick with the goulash- baking soda.  Based on what I read, a very little will do or else the dish loses it’s flavor.  For 2 pints of tomatoes and 1/2 pint paste, I added 1/4 tsp baking soda.  It was fun to stir it while it bubbled!  And, it worked pretty well!  I think I could have added 1 tsp sugar to the goulash after the soda, and it would have been perfect.  Except, Mark thinks less soda would have been better. Next time, I’ll try 1/8 tsp per 2 pints + sugar.

I added some onion from the freezer, garlic (+ garlic powder, because we ran out of regular garlic), paprika, chili powder, and a little salt.  Macaroni and ground beef.  Oh!  And I added the rest of the tomato sauce from the Mexican chicken stew- adding a little pepper flavor.  There you go.


The loaf of Anadama bread left from Tuesday night happened to pair nicely with Goulash.  About the bread: Sean can’t decide if he likes it.  Brenda thinks it’s unusual (strong molasses flavor without being sweet) and strangely addictive.  Mark loves it.

Sean said it was fine and he would eat it.  Brenda thought it was fine.  Mark liked it.

Sean asked why we never have the sausage and shells version of homemade hamburger helper, anymore.  I thought he had stopped liking it, so now we have something else to add back to the menu rotation.


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