From the freezer and the basement

Roast potatoes with zucchini and red pepper was the centerpiece of Monday night’s dinner.  Pictured are the leftovers from a 13×9 pan full.


Seasoned with paprika, garlic, salt and pepper, and tossed with olive oil and bread crumbs, these look, smell, and taste fabulous!  Sean doesn’t like the peppers in it, but he’ll eat the rest.

This time, I used red peppers and zucchini from the freezer, and it worked well.  Just let the veggies defrost in a towel-lined strainer to get rid of as much water as possible before roasting.  I chop the potatoes fairly small for this dish.  Usually, I chop the peppers and zucchini twice the size of the potatoes.  Since I had pre-chopped and frozen, that wasn’t the case Monday.

Along with the potatoes, we had peas and “jalapeno” pork chops.  Rather than digging the grill out of the snow, I used the Foreman grill. On the regular grill, I baste the pork chops often with jalapeno juice (from our canned pickled-jalapenos).  Since I couldn’t do that inside, we served lots of extra jalapenos at the table.  Sean used bbq sauce, instead.

Everyone liked dinner.  I love it when that happens!


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