An experiment in fermentation: Kimchi

2014-01-05 17.35.54


This is a jar of Kimchi.  Mark brewed it up from radishes and cabbage from the Garden.  First, it sits on the counter for a while.  Soon, it begins to smell vile.  Then, it sits in the refrigerator until it is eaten.  It still smells vile, and shares it smell with the freezer, and (when the refrigerator door is open) with the kitchen.

We don’t really know how to eat kimchi.  Mark suggested pairing it with beef ribs.

2014-01-05 18.00.41

This is kimchi between delicious green beans (from the Garden) and delicious potatoes (from the Garden- cooked with the ribs).

Egg noodles and the beef ribs round out the plate.  The ribs were cooked slowly in our fireplace oven, along with the potatoes.  Mark browned the ribs, added some onion, 3 cups water, and 2 tsp Penzeys vegetable soup base.  The ribs and potatoes were outstanding.

The kimchi?

Well, when Mark opened the jar to put it in a serving bowl, Sophie (the cat) immediately stalked out of the kitchen in high dudgeon.  She did not return until the smell dissipated after dinner.  Sean did not eat it.  Brenda ate one bite, but thinks it smells very like the chemicals at the orthodontist office.  Mark ate an entire serving.Not sure the kimchi will make it back onto the dinner table.   Perhaps it will augment the compost pile.


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