Wednesday- Greek Pork Wraps

2013-11-13 17.50.09Yes, we fixed two dinners in a row using pork and tortillas.  I had planned to eat them in different parts of the week, but we had to adjust due to shifting work/travel schedules.

I always like this meal, Mark has often expressed sadness that I’m fixing it, but then likes it.

In the past, I’ve always cooked the pork (chops or loin roast) on the grill.  This time, I had the clever idea of cooking it in the crock pot to make the meat easier to shred.  It was much easier to shred, but we didn’t enjoy smelling it cook all day, at all.  Mark says “put the crock pot outside” next time.

I made a fake tzatziki sauce using sour cream instead of yogurt.  Mark likes this better than our regular tzatziki sauce.  (remember that for gyros!)

We opened our first jar of canned green beans for the winter- they had better flavor than any I’ve canned before; not sure why.

Also, had some more applesauce.

Everyone liked and ate this one.


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