Tuesday’s Quesadillas


2013-11-12 17.33.26 We like quesadillas, but this version was questionable, as I was trying to use up meat from the freezer.

Half of the quesadillas were made with leftover “buffalo chicken”, which we fixed to serve on sub sandwiches.  It was way to salty and pungent in flavor for the sandwiches, but paired with Queso Fresco in the quesadillas, it was pretty good.  Sean like it.

The other half of the quesadillas were made with Pork chops that I bought in a large pack, and turned out to be tough and not very good.  So, I boiled the pork chops, then shredded the best of the meat, added some tomatillos, 2 tomatoes, and some pickled Aji Crystal (hot) peppers, and simmered for a bit.  I didn’t add salt as the Queso Fresco is a little salty, itself.  Mark liked this on the quesadillas.  I thought it was ok- a little bit sweet.

I added mushrooms to my quesadillas- and that made them better.

Bottom line- an ok way to use up the rest of the “bad” pork chops.




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