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Awesome Baked Beans, and other food

2013-11-19 18.10.54Mark has perfected the baked bean.  He cooks them slowly in our fireplace oven (although they turn out well in the oven, too).  Made with dry beans from our garden, some bacon, and tasty seasoning, we all like to eat these.

Kielbasa was requested, but I tried Meijer brand, and no one liked it.  Now, we know.

I cooked up some hashbrowns – I thought our potatoes from this past summer would have dried out more, but they didn’t.  So I pressed the potatoes in the ricer, and cooked them in the cast iron skillet.  I was impatient to get them cooked, though, so didn’t cook them long enough.  They were ok, but undercooked.

So, we had delicious baked beans for dinner Tuesday night.


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Potato Soup with Bacon and Cheese

I pulled a quart out of the freezer- leftover from a few weeks ago.  Mark and I liked it.  Sean did not.

We had some of the “best bread”, mixed in the bread machine to go with it.

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Chicken Pot Pie

Even Sean liked this!

Delicious, creamy chicken pot pie

Delicious, creamy chicken pot pie

The leftovers are even tastier.

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Pizza cooked in our fireplace

We mixed the crust in the bread machine- combo of white flour, rye, and whole wheat.

Pizza sauce made from our canned tomato sauce and paste, plus some garlic and herbs.

Toppings-whatever we like… when we use the oven in the fireplace, we make small pizzas, so lots of different topping combos.

2013-11-15 17.42.19

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Thursday Night Smash-Hit

Another meal we all don’t really look forward to, but then enjoy: The Grit Staple.

We cook up some pinto beans (from our garden this time) according to The Grit Restaurant cookbook.

Cook up some brown rice.

Chop up some gorgeous veggies (fresh or frozen works).  Aren’t they beautiful!

Colorful cabbage, carrots, peppers, broccoli, onions, andmushrooms

Colorful cabbage, carrots, peppers, broccoli, onions, and mushrooms


Saute those lovely veggies in some butter just til tender.

Sauteing veggies







Shred some cheese (Monterrey Jack is turning into a favorite).

Now, layer brown rice, beans, pretty vegetables, shredded cheese in bowls

I pop the individual bowls into the microwave to melt the cheese.

Voila!  Everyone is happy.  Everyone is FULL!


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Wednesday- Greek Pork Wraps

2013-11-13 17.50.09Yes, we fixed two dinners in a row using pork and tortillas.  I had planned to eat them in different parts of the week, but we had to adjust due to shifting work/travel schedules.

I always like this meal, Mark has often expressed sadness that I’m fixing it, but then likes it.

In the past, I’ve always cooked the pork (chops or loin roast) on the grill.  This time, I had the clever idea of cooking it in the crock pot to make the meat easier to shred.  It was much easier to shred, but we didn’t enjoy smelling it cook all day, at all.  Mark says “put the crock pot outside” next time.

I made a fake tzatziki sauce using sour cream instead of yogurt.  Mark likes this better than our regular tzatziki sauce.  (remember that for gyros!)

We opened our first jar of canned green beans for the winter- they had better flavor than any I’ve canned before; not sure why.

Also, had some more applesauce.

Everyone liked and ate this one.

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Tuesday’s Quesadillas


2013-11-12 17.33.26 We like quesadillas, but this version was questionable, as I was trying to use up meat from the freezer.

Half of the quesadillas were made with leftover “buffalo chicken”, which we fixed to serve on sub sandwiches.  It was way to salty and pungent in flavor for the sandwiches, but paired with Queso Fresco in the quesadillas, it was pretty good.  Sean like it.

The other half of the quesadillas were made with Pork chops that I bought in a large pack, and turned out to be tough and not very good.  So, I boiled the pork chops, then shredded the best of the meat, added some tomatillos, 2 tomatoes, and some pickled Aji Crystal (hot) peppers, and simmered for a bit.  I didn’t add salt as the Queso Fresco is a little salty, itself.  Mark liked this on the quesadillas.  I thought it was ok- a little bit sweet.

I added mushrooms to my quesadillas- and that made them better.

Bottom line- an ok way to use up the rest of the “bad” pork chops.



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Monday’s Dinner

Buttermilk pancakes, some with blueberries.  Bacon.  Blueberry syrup.

These were awesome pancakes.  Everyone said they were good, in spite of being non-Swedish pancakes.


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Sunday Night Dinner

Hamburgers, applesauce, peas.

I can’t remember what else we ate, but everyone was happy with dinner.

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Korean Chicken and Rice Soup

This is one of the Best Soups in the World.

2013-11-08 18.24.42

Korean Chicken and Rice, breadsticks, and pineapple

We’re certain, because that’s the name of the book the recipe came from.
Chicken, rice, ginger, hot peppers, garlic- the flavors were nicely melded.  This must be good for our immune systems.  Sean even liked it- “Better than most soups”, so this one’s a keeper.

We fixed some breadsticks and chopped up a pineapple to round out our monochromatic meal.

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