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Halloween Chili


If I remember to put spaghetti in the chili, Sean likes it.

I’ve given up trying to figure out  the proportions of seasons in the Carroll Shelby Mix.  I just use a couple tablespoons of that, add some onion, garlic, and hot peppers to the browned meat, a few beans, and tomato (diced, juiced, sauced).

We had some dinner roll dough in the freezer from a couple weeks ago, so we had those, as well.

Everyone liked and ate dinner.

I’m sure some of the leftovers will end up as part of a chili dog. 


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Chicken Enchiladas

Tonight’s dinner almost always gets approval from the whole family. 

Chicken Enchiladas made with green sauce, onions and santa fe peppers left from this year’s garden, sour cream, chicken broth, and a dash of chipotle powder.   I didn’t put enough mozarella in the filling this time.

Side salad, also from the garden.

We’re still looking for a good green enchilada sauce recipe, so this was from a can.

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Chicken Satay

We were all excited to try a new recipe for Chicken Satay- peanut, coconut, garlic, jalapeno- what’s not to like?

Too bad we didn’t get a picture, because it was beautiful, and that is all.

Mark had one taste of the sauce.  Sean and I ate our servings, but it was just odd and unpleasant.  It sat poorly on the stomach, as well.

Thumbs down.

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Spinach Burger

Spinach Burger

Mark cooked this delicious dinner using vegetables fresh from our garden: Spinach Feta burger, fried rutabaga, salad.
Mark and Brenda love it. Sean hates it.

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October 30, 2013 · 12:47 am